Boundary sub 2

   Scott Calvert's Boundary Subdivision 2

Lower Level Plan

Upper Level Plan
I model in HO scale and the layout represents the Canadian Pacific Railways Boundary Subdivision, which operated in the rugged mountainous area of south eastern British Columbia as part of the CPR’s “second” mainline. The layout will include portions of the CPR’s Phoenix Subdivision and Slocan Subdivision, and also GN’s 5th Subdivision.

This layout is a double deck design to maximize the mainline run and increase the number of stations from the previous layout. The design is more true to the prototype and is definitely focused on operations. One of the objectives was to create a sense of being in the middle of nowhere since a lot of the prototype runs in relatively remote areas of BC. While we are continuing to model the Boundary Sub, 1961/1962 has been chosen as the era to rationalize the through traffic in our operations scheme. I chose to model during the classic Tuscan & Grey diesel era of the late 1950’s to early 1960's, and in the early fall to capture the vibrant foliage colors.

Boundary Sub 2

Layout Summary

  • Prototype Location---Southeastern British Columbia Boundary & Slocan areas
  • Interchange---Great Northern, & CPR lake barge operations
  • Size--- Room size irregular; approximately 1200 sq ft.
  • Scale--- HO Standard Gauge
  • Era--- 1961/1962
  • accessibility---Fully accessible
  • Website---CP Boundary sub
  • Prototype/Freelance Scale--- Prototype
  • Length of mainline---Current = 330 ft, Ultimate = 540 ft.
  • Yards---Nelson Divisional yard, Rossland Subdivision staging yard,
    Proctor/east staging & a temporary west staging
  • Number of passing sidings---six
  • % scenery completed---
  • Train lengths---12 to 16 cars
  • Motive Power---Primarily FM units, with a few others
  • Track construction---Micro Engineering flextrack
    and modified Shinohara turnouts – all code 70
    • Dispatching---Timetable and Train Order
    • Control---Lenz DCC with CVP wireless.
    • Time---GML Enterprises usually set at 4:1
    • Communication---VTec cordless phones
    • Car Forwarding---4 position waybills and car cards
    • Session length---approximately 3 to 4 hours
    • Crew size---9 or 10
    • Session Atmosphere---Sunny
    • Dispatcher---Manages the movement of trains over the railway using the timetable, trainorders, clearances and a trainsheet.
    • Nelson yardmaster---In charge of the yard including planning directing the work of 2 switchers and routing trains into and out of the yard
    • Nelson switchers---Two switchers work in Nelson yard under the direction of the yardmaster. They classify arriving cars, make up departing trains and switch local spots.
    • Proctor yardmaster---This job is a combined Proctor yard and East staging. The yardmaster classifies cars in staging for later departure, breaks down arriving trains and moves the cars to staging, gets trains ready to leave, switches Kootenay Forest products and the car barge.