Operating Layouts

pre Vanrail layouts
Pre Vanrail layout

GNR,Cascade Division
Bill Sornsinen route to VanrailHOVerbalNCE7
Description Name TravelScale Dispatch Type Control Crew
Vanrail 2019 operating layouts

Canadian Pacific Railway
Boundary Sub 2
Scott Calvert22 minutesHOTime Table and Train OrderLenz/CVP DCC9

Western Midland Railroad
Mike Chandler21 minutesHOTime Table and Train OrderLenz7

British Columbia Railway
Squamish Sub.Surrey
Brian Clogg25 minutesHOTT&TODigitrax9

Canadian Pacific Railway
Kettle Valley Division
Anthony Craig30 minutesHOTime Table and Train OrderLenz/CVP13

The Columbia and Western
Mark Dance Friday 60 minutes
Sunday 30 minutes
NTime Table and Train OrderDigitrax8

BC Hydro Railway
Colin Dover 16 minutes HOYard LimitsLens/CVP4

The Coquihalla Valley
John Green 20 minutes HOTime Table and Train OrderLenz/CVP6

British Columbia Railway
Squamish sub Burnaby
Doug Hicks12 minutesHOTT&TODigitrax DCC5

Tehachapi BC
Gary Hinshaw 24 minutesNCentralized Traffic ControlDigitrax6

British Columbia Railway
Dawson Sub
Timothy Horton 20 minutesNManual Block SystemLenz/CVP wireless4

The Spokane and BC
Greg Madsen40 minutes HOSwitchlistsDigitrax4

GN Seattle Terminal
Brian Morgan20 minutesNYard LimitsDigitrax, ProtoThrottle3