Operating Layouts

Vanrail 2017 Operating Layouts
Description Name TravelScale Dispatch Type Control Crew

Canadian Pacific Railway
Boundary Sub 2
Scott CalvertminutesHOTime Table and Train OrderLenz/CVP DCC9

Mike ChandlerminutesHOTime Table and Train OrderLenz7

British Columbia Railway
Squamish Sub.1982
Brian CloggminutesHOTT&TODigitrax9

Canadian Pacific Railway
Kettle Valley Division
Anthony CraigminutesHOTime Table and Train OrderLenz/CVP13

The Columbia and Western
Mark Dance minutes NTime Table and Train OrderDigitrax8

BC Hydro Railway
Colin Dover minutes HOYard LimitsLens/CVP

The Coquihalla Valley
John Green 23 minutes HOTime Table and Train OrderLenz/CVP6

British Columbia Railway
Squamish sub 1979
Doug HicksminutesHOTT&TODigitrax DCC5

Tehachapi BC
Gary Hinshaw minutesNCentralized Traffic ControlDigitrax6

British Columbia Railway
Dawson Sub
Timothy Horton minutesNManual Block SystemLenz/CVP wireless4

The Spokane and BC
Greg Madsen27 minutes HOSwitchlistsDigitrax4

GN Seattle Terminal
Brian MorganminutesNYard LimitsDigitrax3