Tehachapi BC

Gary Hinshaw's Tehachapi, BC Railroad

SuperintendentGary Hinshaw
Prototype LocationUP’s Tehachapi Pass, Bakersfield to Mojave CA InterchangeBNSF trackage rights
Size10ft x 20 ftScaleN(normal)
Eramodern (2010+)ControlDCC Digitrax duplex radio; WiThrottle/EngineDriver
Clock Speed5:1 Session length2.5 hours
crew size5-6DispatchingCTC (in development)
Car Forwardingtabs for locals, none for through freights Communicationin development
jobsdispatcher, staging manager, road crews, pusher crewsaccessibility7 stairs and 56” nod-under
WebsiteTehachapi PassPrototype/Freelance ScalePrototype
Length of mainline3.3 scale milesYards2 stub-end yards (9 and 6 tracks),
1 serial staging helix (8 train capy.)
Number of passing sidings: 2 sidings and 1 scale mile of double track% scenery completed1% (mainline mostly ballasted)
Number of car spots4 (~12 in full plan)Motive Powermodern diesel (65% GE, 35% EMD, 90% Kato)
Rolling Stock400 cars: intermodal, grain, autos, lumber, manifestTrain lengths30-40 60 ft cars (12-16 actual feet)
Track construction: mainline: Micro engineering code 55 concrete tie
with hand-laid turnouts; yards: Peco code 55 flex & turnouts
Session Atmosphere: : casual, fun