The British Columbia Southern Railroad’s Grassland sub

The British Columbia Southern Railroad’s Grassland sub Welcome to my layout. Most people that visit, tell me they can’t believe how much operation is in the small space I have. Mandatory prerequisite; you must be able to get under a part of my layout to get into the layout room. The duck under is 43” high and about 30” long.
The tracks and the railroad I am modelling are freelance and fictitious but I have tried to use prototypic practices in the operation. Equipment is current - modern, except I still like to put cabooses on my locals and a few MLW’s are defying time. The layout consists of a yard at Quilchena on the Nicola sub servicing the Grassland sub which goes all the way to South Kamloops. Along the way there are some lineside industries and an interchange with the Capilano Western Railway at Stump Lake. However the reason for the line’s existence is the Catonee Pulp and Paper mill at Shumway. .
Typically each shift has a yard switcher at Quichena and South Kamloops, a local from Quichena to Shumway and return and either a CWR switcher, or a road switcher. On first and second trick there are passenger trains to keep us honest and the daily freight train to or from South Kamloops. There are also staging moves into and out of Quilchena. The daily South Kamloops freight trains and the staging moves are the only trains that don’t get involved with the switching..
A typical day for a crew is to get your power out of the locomotive tracks at Quilchena and follow the instructions of the yardmaster to get to the head end of your train and any double overs. If we have a supportive crew we will use an RTC (dispatcher) and issue OCS Clearances (very similar to Track Warrants), otherwise we will pretend the whole thing is Non-Main Track and use a lineup. Once you have your authority to move, you will follow the instructions on the train card, delivering individual cars with the waybill card instructions. To assist with this, all my waybills have blocking codes (I call them Rapid Identification of Destination – RID codes) and a spur track number if applicable. .
So if you like carload switching, you might want to consider visiting my layout. We try to work together to complete the workload presented to us at the beginning of each switch. You should consider all of the switching as being challenging. Did I mention you have to be able negotiate the duck under?
Superintendent Gordon MitchellPrototype LocationSouth Central BC
InterchangeCapilano WesternSizeAbout that big