Colin Dover's Vancouver Waterfront

Colin Dover's Vancouver Waterfront
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Location Vancouver WaterfrontInterchange CP,CN,GN, NHB
Size20 ft by 28 ftScale HO
Era 1953Control DC
Clock Speed 1:1Session Length 3 to 4 Hours
Crew Size 7 or 8Dispatching Timetable within Yard Limits no dispatcher
Car Forwarding CC & WBCommunication verbal
Jobs 3 yard switchers, 1 psgr. stn. sw.,
2 eng. pool, 1 towerman, 1 car clerk
Accessibility 5 stairs down
Website Vancouver WaterfrontPrototype/Freelanced Scale Prototype
Length of Mainline yard limitsYards 3 and 3 Staging Yards
Number of Passing Sidings naScenery Complete 90%
Motive Power CP steam; GE 70 ton;SW900;GP7Rolling Stock appropriate freight and passenger
Train Lengths Track Construction handlaid
Session Atmosphere serious prototype fun
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