BCR Dawson Creek Subdivision

   Timothy Horton's Dawson Creek Subdivision

Lower Level Plan   

Upper Level Plan

The Dawson Creek Subdivision is a standard gauge layout in N Scale. It is intended to recreate the British Columbia Railway’s 61-mile branch line from Chetwynd to Dawson Creek in northeastern British Columbia. A short portion of the Fort St. John Subdivision from Chetwynd to Septimus is also modelled. The layout is set in 1977 at a time when the two subdivisions were operated under the Manual Block System with block bulletins and clearances. Operations are centred around Chetwynd Yard and include arrival of the V-P Freight from Prince George, operation of the Septimus Turn and the Dawson Creek Switcher, and departure of the P-V Freight. Work trains are also operated. The layout has been designed to facilitate the recreation of operations as close as possible to the prototype.

The layout reached operational status in July 2018 with completion of tracklaying, wiring, and turnout control. Structure mock-ups are in place but there is no scenery as of yet. Work is currently in hand to bring the motive power and rolling stock up to the standards required for reliable operation, and to provide additional locomotives and freight cars as needed.
I invite you to visit my website at BCR Dawson Creek Subdivision where you can learn more about the prototype I am modelling, the layout, and our operating sessions. We look forward to welcoming you to a future session.
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