Squamish Sub. Jobs

  • Dispatcher---Under TT&TO manages the movement of trains over the railway using the timetable, trainorders, clearances and a trainsheet.
    Under OCS manages the movement of trains over the railway using the schedule, clearances and a train sheet or computer graphic.
  • Operator------ Copies train orders and clearances dictated by the dispatcher and delivers them to the train order or terminal stations. Sets and releases train order signals
  • North Vancouver yardmaster------ This is the south terminal and the yardmaster makes up north bound trains, breaks up arriving trains, manages traffic through the yard, and switches local spots
  • Squamish Yardmaster------ The yardmaster classifies arriving cars from 3 trains. The south Squamish way freight switches the north and south yard industries. When the locals return the cars are classified and trains made up for northbound and southbound. Under OCS the RTC has no authority inside yard limits so the yardmaster also directs traffic through the limits.
  • Cheakamus Way freight------This train is the legacy of the freelanced Cariboo Western. It runs from Cayoosh staging, switches Cheakmus, swaps blocks at Squamish, and returns to Cayoosh . It is a fun job so why not keep it?
  • North Vancouver Way Freight------ This train takes cars for Squamish from North Vancouver. It also switches 3 spots on the way. At Squamish it will drop Squamish and North cars, pickup North Vancouver cars and return south.
  • Squamish Way Freight------ This train switches spots from Squamish to Seton. It turns at Seton and returns to Squamish.
  • South Squamish Way Freight------ This job usually last most of the session. It works out of the north yard and is mostly in yard limits. There are 2 spots south of yard limits and it also switches Squamish Terminals, the town spur and the shops.
  • Road Freights--- Two trains run from North Vancouver to Lillooet and two from Lillooet to North Vancouver. A pair of trains runs between Squamish and Lillooet. All of these have no switching on line.
  • Cariboo Dayliner------ This is the daily passenger train consisting of RDCs that runs from North Vancouver to Lillooet and return.